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With over 50 years of combined experience we are here to assist caravanners no matter how big or small, or how far you travel to ensure that wherever your Australian adventures take you, you are never without the connectivity you require. From caravan TV antennas to broadband internet antennas our products can directly replace all caravan TV aerials including Winegard TV antennas. Winsig ensures you can set off of your travels knowing that one of the essential items on your checklist will not let you down.

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From the many caravan shows, Winsig travel to around Australia, and as caravan enthusiasts ourselves, we are well aware of the limitations and frustrations many of you experience from existing caravan antenna installations. Whether this is due to the fact you have an older model or have bought a new model that is not suitable for the area you are travelling.

We take a pragmatic approach to get to understand you and your travel preferences and destinations. The critical thing to remember is with Winsig you do not need to become an overnight expert on polarity, vertical or horizontal waves, and what parts of Australia suits what spec the best, let us do that for you. You give us the right information we'll fit you the right product.
Winsig 3.2 Ultra Plus antenna image

Winsig 3.2 Ultra Plus TV and Broadband Antenna

Staffed by professional engineers, we provide our customers with practical solutions for internet connectivity and television reception issues for camper vans, mobile homes and caravans.

We all know how frustrating it can be arriving after a long road trip to a beautiful destination to find yourself in an idyllic low-lying land area surrounded by trees, as 'picturesque' as it looked in the brochure, but now the only thing lacking is the picture on your television.
SAE mobility award acceptance image

SAE Mobility Engineering Awards 2016

We were happy to help out with some expert advice to inform and advise everyone out there, helping you to make the right choice not just to have perfect television reception but to ensure you are contactable in remote areas of the country.

WE WON! We're thrilled to have received the SAE (Australasia) Professional Engineering Gold Award, Caravan/Camping category 2016. Here's Winsig Director Andrew Holmes (right) accepting the award. Winsig were nominated after developing the Generation 3 Antenna Products.

Enjoy the article featuring our Director, Andrew Holmes, by clicking on the link below.

As you can see from the results of the tests, not everything is what it appears to be; results can vary considerably to what you believe at the time of purchase. In the world of caravanning, having clear television reception and connectivity are essential. We live in a country with vast, unforgiving terrain, so having the right advice based upon where you travel is vital to not just enjoying your travels but being safe on them.
Swinburne university antenna test results image

Our recent benchmark testing at Swinburne University has yielded the following comparison to our major competitors.

In each case the setup was identical, and conducted under controlled conditions using a pure sine wave signal generator.

The scale on the left side of the graph (dB micro volts) is a measure of the strength of the signal received from the various different antenna setups.  It is in indication of the type of range that can be expected from a given TV transmitter in the real world.

The actual extra range of our antenna from a given TV transmitter involves the consideration of a number of factors, but we expect this be at least 25% further than that of the Winegard HV.

Australian Government TV coverage website image

‚ÄčAre you having problems with TV reception? 

The Australian government Website mySwitch can assist.

This is a great source of information for any given location.  It will provide information such as:
  • Location of nearest television transmission points
  • Polarity and frequency of signal transmissions
  • Coverage map for the chosen area, indicating likely signal quality
  • Antenna setup guide
Television horizontal polarity animation

Horizontal Polarity TV Signal

All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions. You are buying directly from the Winsig Antenna Systems manufacturing facility, and therefore we provide expert advice on installation, setup, problem resolution, and explain our warranties thoroughly.

We have all the latest technology of Winegard TV Antennas through to Mobile Phone Antennas for your short or long journeys throughout the country. However, our philosophy is not to act just as a stockist or supplier; we also serve in a consultancy capacity giving you peace of mind that once you get to your destination, you may be missing a toothbrush, but you won't be missing the big game.
Television vertical polarity animation

Vertical Polarity TV Signal

Today's reality is the market has become flooded with products that say they are the best, but can they stand up to the test?

We are innovators of internet antennas as well as caravan TV antennas and our growing reputation resulted in a recent visit from RV Daily magazine. They approached us to participate in an article about TV reception and internet connectivity while travelling to remote areas all around the country testing various models and products available on the Australian market including some of our own latest designs and patents including:

The Winsig 3.2 Ultra Antenna
The Winsig 3.2 Ultra Plus TV & Broadband Antenna
The Winsig 3.2 Camping Antenna